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2023-2024 School Year

March 26

4/1/24 Online 2021-22 Mandated Services Claim Due to NYSED

4/1/24 Parent Requests for 2024-25 Transportation Due to Public School Districts

4/15/24 Request New 2024-2025 Health Services from District of Location

4/30/24 NYSED Nonpublic Safety Equipment (NPSE) Year 10 Purchasing Deadline

TBD NYSED Elementary School AIS Year 7 Purchasing Deadline

5/31/24 NYSED Nonpublic Safety Equipment (NPSE) Claims Due

TBD NYSED Elementary School AIS Claims Due

NYSED Mandated Services Due 4/1: We are at the 11th hour! See my March 5th post for more information about this process. For the few schools still finishing up online claims, please email me if you want me to look your claim over once it has been entered (but NOT submitted!) on the NYSED Business Portal by the end of today (3/26); don’t worry about any Upload Requests triggered at this point - I'll give you advice on those during my review. Also, please forward to me any “Hold” or “Post Review” emails you get from the state that request follow-up on your end to resolve a claim.

NYSED NonPublic Safety Equipment (NPSE) Reimbursement Deadline Delayed: All school principals received an email from NYSED/ORISS on Friday afternoon about NPSE reimbursement. The Year 10 Non Public Safety Equipment (NPSE) project/purchasing deadline has been delayed to 4/30/24 - Year 10 allocations and reimbursement forms are posted here, or will be as soon as they are ready. They anticipate that the reimbursement form for this program will be due to NYSED by 5/31/24. Please contact ORISS if you have any questions at 518-474-6541 or you can email the ORISS office directly at

NYSED Elementary AIS Year 7 Deadlines Delayed: All school principals received an email from NYSED/ORISS on Friday afternoon about the AIS reimbursement program. This email indicated that there will be changes to the deadline for the program so it is probably safe to assume that the Year 7 application deadline will not be until at least 4/30/24, and will likely be after 5/30/24 when NPSE is due. There is also a good chance that the March 31, 2024 deadline for purchasing supplies or paying for and completing projects under the Elementary AIS program for reimbursement this school year will be extended to at least 4/30/24, but we will not know for certain until a later date. Please email me if you have any questions about this program or you can email the ORISS office directly at AIS-ORISS@nysed.govHere is the link to the AIS Program resources and allocations.

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