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by Chris Riso

2022-2023 School Year

8/8 Important Dates:

8/15/22            Verify NYS Testing Data via L2RPT            

8/20/22            Last Day to Register for Free UB Fall Graduate Classes

 UB Course Information is in 4/26/22 CSM

8/31/22            Sign “Written Affirmation” forms for each District after Consultation

8/31/22            PDF/Copy of each Signed “Written Affirmation” form sent to C. Riso

9/2/22              Teachers approved to be alone with students via Safe Environment

Review and Verify NYSED Level 1 & 2 Data on L2RPT by 8/15/22: 

Verification reports are available in the Level 2 Reporting (L2RPT) environment by using the link available at in advance of final end-of-year data submission to help ensure that all data are reported accurately in SIRS (see These data are used to populate your Mandated Services claim so be sure the information is correct. If data must be updated, changes must be made to the local source system using the WNYRIC link above and the changed data must be reported again to Level 1/Level 2 of the SIRS. Data will be refreshed weekly in Level 2 of the SIRS until the deadline.

Level 2 Reports (L2RPTs) are available primarily to assist with data verification. School personnel are required to review the information contained in these reports. Please pay close attention to the counts within the various subgroup populations (e.g., racial/ethnic breakdowns, students with disabilities, limited English proficient, etc.), as these numbers will impact data reporting for these subgroups. Note that changes made to historical data using Level 0 Historical will be displayed within the Level 0 Historical system. These historical changes will be displayed in L2RPT only for current year (2021–22) cohort membership or the cohort’s secondary assessment scores. Reporting errors discovered as a result of a review of these reports must be corrected in the local source system and submitted to the SIRS. Guides for understanding these reports are available at

To enter the data site found at, click on “NYSED L2RPT” in the center of the webpage, make sure “Level 2 (SEDDAS)” is selected on the top line, and then enter your NYSED Business Portal user ID and password on the login page. Once you are in the system, click on the last icon on the left side of the page (it says “L2RPT Navigator” when you hover over the icon). The page that opens says “IBM Cognos Viewer – 0.0 L2RPT Navigation Dashboard” at the top and has all of the available reports. Here are some of the Verification Reports I recommend that you review by 8/15/2022:

Under “Annual Outcomes” on Left side of page:

1. Annual Outcomes Reports (SIRS-307, 308, 653) allow you to review annual dropout, noncompleter, graduate, postgraduate plan, and Regents examination results. These reports are not cohort-based and reflect activity reported by the school during the 2021–22 school year. Elementary schools should only look at the Regents Outcomes in SIRS-653.

Under “Tested/Not Tested” on Left side of page:

2. Tested/Not Tested Reports (SIRS-104, 301, 302) allow you to review counts of students who should have been tested and results for those who were tested on the New York State Identification Test for English Language Learners (NYSITELL), the grades 3-8 English Language Arts (ELA) and mathematics assessments, and the grade 4 and 8 science assessments. Results for grade 8 students taking a Regents science test in lieu of the Grade 8 science test may also be reviewed.

Under “Reasonableness” on Right side of page:

3. Reasonableness Report (SIRS-401) allows you to check data for significant year-to-year (2020–2021 to 2021–2022) changes that may indicate a reporting error. Particular attention should be paid to percentage changes equal to or greater than 10% and known reporting issues from previous years.

4. Annual Assessment At-A-Glance Report (SIRS-405) allows you to check data for significant year-to-year-to-year (2019–20 to 2021–2022) assessment changes that may indicate a reporting error. Particular attention should be paid to percentage changes equal to or greater than 10% and known reporting issues from previous years. FYI – The 2019-2020 counts were affected by COVID-19 so be sure to take that into consideration when reviewing this report.

August 2nd, 2022


2021-2022 School Year