Mission & Effectiveness 

A Catholic school has a special mission that sets it apart from public schools, including charter schools, and most other private schools. In addition to supporting a complete academic curriculum, a Catholic school is a faith community that integrates religious instruction, value formation, and faith development into the academic education of the students. Indeed, the mission of the Catholic school is an extension of the overall evangelization mission of the Catholic Church. In its document, The Religious Dimension of Education in a Catholic School, the Congregation for Catholic Education states: 

The mission of the Church is to evangelize for the interior transformation and the renewal of humanity. The special character of the Catholic school, and the underlying reason for its existence, the reason why Catholic parents should prefer it, is precisely the quality of the religious instruction integrated into the overall education of the students. (Sacred Congregation for Catholic Education, 1988, No. 66) 

Research done in the last two decades has shown that:

  • Catholic schools are effective in promoting religious formation and value development.
  • Catholic schools are effective in providing excellent academic preparations.
  • Catholic school teachers have a sense of vocation, that is, a call to ministry.
  • Catholic school parents choose Catholic schools for their academic excellence infused with Catholic values. 
  • Catholic school graduates are more likely to retain their ties with the Catholic Church, embody the social justice teachings of the Church, and be more aware of their baptismal call to be evangelizers. 

The Roman Catholic Diocese of Buffalo provides strong support for the Catholic schools of the diocese. The pastors and principals of those schools courageously meet the challenges of culture, economics, and changing needs of students and families as they strive to grow the Catholic community in the eight county Diocese of Buffalo, NY.