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by Kari Buchinger

2022-2023 School Year

march 28

X-STREAM Games is just over a month away. We are excited to gather once again at St. Joseph’s Collegiate Institute on Sunday, May 7. Be sure to save the date on your calendar!

This year we will have six competitions including Arcade Academy, Kitchen Chem, Public Speaking, Robotics VEX IQ, Science Scrimmage, and Shark Tank. Teachers and principals can sign up students using the links below. Refer to this booklet for details about the event.

  • Arcade Academy - Students showcase arcade games made from cardboard and recyclable materials.
  • Kitchen Chem - Theme: Wedding Feast of Cana- In Jesus’ first miracle he turned water into wine. For this year’s competition we ask students to transform raw ingredients into something new that could be served at a celebration, like an appetizer or small dessert.
  • Public Speaking Students present on a topic of their choice. Consider something you are passionate about, something you learned in a STREAM academy, dramatic reading, poetry, etc. Check the booklet for more details!
  • Robotics VEX IQ - Is your robotics team ready for this year's Slapshot competition?
  • Science Scrimmage - Participants are challenged to build a ping pong pick up device with as few materials as possible.
  • Shark Tank Challenge: Create an invention that would make the world a better place, and improve the lives of future generations.

Schools are also invited to bring STREAM projects they have completed throughout the school year display during the event. Sign up here!

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