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2022-2023 School Year

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Science of Reading

Just last month we gathered together at St. Amelia School to grow as educators and find new ways to support students across our schools. I had the privilege to host a session about the Science of Reading and there was an overwhelming sense that there is so much research out there to digest and it is difficult to find the time. So, as promised I wanted to share a few resources that are a little easier to manage.. Amplify has done a fantastic job of creating easily digestible primers about the science of reading. This first document provides some background about reading achievement in the United States and a common goal to ensure everyone can read and understand text at a college-entry level or above. It dives into the brain science behind the process of learning to read with brief text and some great visuals. But today I want to draw your attention to five patterns that were identified as key instructional practices in high performing schools (48-52).

  1. Start early- Schools that have the greatest results are dedicated to getting students on track or ahead in kindergarten.

  2. Surround kids with books- students who read an extra seven minutes per day in class have higher reading rates than other students. That adds up to an additional 160,020 words per school year.

  3. Measure- Collect data, evaluate instruction and interventions, and adjust when needed.

  4. Create a support team- Bring together teachers and leaders that will follow the data and make sure students that need extra support get it!

  5. Beat summer- The summer slide is real. A few minutes of reminder exercises every week can reverse losses.

How does your school compare? Is there an element listed here that is a strength for you? What about an area for growth? Little by little as we grow in our understanding of the science of reading we can improve our instruction and approach to literacy and see increased student progress and achievement.

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