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The Department of Catholic schools supports school leadership in order to grow vibrant Catholic schools. Strong co- and extra-curricular programs are signs of a vibrant Catholic school.


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Boys Varsity Baseball results:

Congratulations to the Nativity of Mary School Boys Varsity Baseball Team. The Cougars won the diocesan championship with a score of 11-7. This followed an undefeated season.


Girls Volleyball results:

Nativity of Our Lord Defeated North Chautauqua Catholic in the Final.

Nativity defeated St. John’s Alden in one Semi and NCC defeated Immaculate Conception in the other semifinal.

All 4 teams were from the same league – the South League.  

Here is the All Diocesan Team for 2022:

MVP Hannah Johnson - Nativity of Our Lord

Keira Bracken - Nativity of Our Lord

Emily Friedman - Nativity of Our Lord

Isabella Buckley - North Chautauqua Catholic

Sophia Burrows - North Chautauqua Catholic

Jayde LeRoy - St. Johns Alden

Laura Rhodes - St. Johns Alden

Libby Kirsch - Immaculate Conception

Brooke Moore - Immaculate Conception

Cross Country results:

  • Girls Champions: Nativity of Our Lord. Individual champion was Caroline Brown with a time of 9:55. Seventy-one girls competed in cross country!
  • Boys Champions: St. Mark's. The individual champion was Thomas Bell of Notre Dame Academy with a time of 9:07. One hundred and six boys competed in cross country!

Bowling results:

  1. Team results: St. Stephen's (676 points), Notre Dame (637), St. Mark's (625)
  2. Boys 5th/6th champion: Adrian Brace (St. Mark) 268
  3. Girls 5th/6th champion: Eralin Krebs (St. Stephen) 136
  4. Boys 7th/8th champion: Patrick McWilliams (St. Stephen) 259
  5. Girls 7th/8th champion: Gabby Paolini (Notre Dame) 208

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