Why Catholic Schools?

Spiritual and Moral Values

Unique to Catholic schools is the opportunity to nurture spiritual and moral values within students. This occurs and is constantly reinforced not only in classes of religious instruction but throughout the curriculum and extracurriculars. The Gospel's message is taught in our classrooms every day.



Catholic Schools are renowned for academic excellence. Students in Catholic schools consistently score in the top 1/3 on nationally standardized tests.


Community Service

Catholic schools exemplify the importance of living the message of the Gospels by helping others. All of our students participate in community service projects.


Continued Education

In a Catholic school, a child will be encouraged to further his or her education. The total number of Catholic high school graduates who continue their education is approximately 98 percent.


Extracurricular Activities

Catholic school students enjoy the benefits of a broad selection of extracurricular activities and sports to develop community commitment, social skills and physical fitness. Approximately 80 percent of Catholic school students participate in these activities.


Parental Involvement

Parental involvement is a critical part of Catholic schools. From education commissions to home and school associations, to booster clubs and more, Catholic schools look to parents for leadership.


Committed Faculty

All of our teachers are state certified, prepared and eager to educate your children. The Catholic Schools of the Diocese of Buffalo have over 1,800 teachers, a large percentage of whom hold advanced degrees.


by Kathleen Porter-Magee