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by Dr. Tim Uhl

2022-2023 School Year

march 28: news & notes

Because we’ll be taking the next couple of weeks off for Holy Week & Easter, I thought I would include six important things in no particular order.

  1. There have been issues and questions surrounding sacramental preparation in schools especially in light of the reorganization of many parishes. This letter hopes to clarify some of the confusion and serves to invite all catechists and religion teachers to a convocation this summer. We have a sacramental crisis in the Church–sacraments are down across the board. Everything we can do to invite people to receive God’s grace during these special moments is appreciated. Please share this letter widely.

  2. EdCo (the Education Collaborative of WNY) is inviting all parents/guardians of current 8th graders to offer feedback about the high school admission process. EdCo is asking all Catholic elementary school principals in the Diocese of Buffalo to distribute this survey to 8th grade parents. Click here to begin the survey. Here is a flyer, too.

  3. The Safe Environment audit deadline for schools is May 15th. Here are the instructions and here are the applicable forms. Please ensure that this work is done completely and on time.

  4. We are preparing a letter that will be sent out later this week directed to all principals. We’d like to schedule Zoom meetings (15 minutes) with each principal to discuss commitments for next year. Here’s a look at the working draft of the letter which will be going out to principals, pastors/canonical administrators, and board chairs. These Zooms will take place between 1-4 pm April 17-19. Feel free to reach out to Mary Tepley to schedule.

  5. As of today (Monday, March 27th), we have received 10 mid-year financial reports. Please make sure that those are sent in by the end of the week. Thanks to Immaculate Conception (Wellsville), St. John’s Alden, Notre Dame Academy, CAWB, Christ the King, St. Chris, Southtowns, NCCS, De Sales, and St. Stephen’s!

  6. At last Saturday’s FICE banquet, Bridget O’Brien Wood announced that FICE was going to cease operations and unite its efforts with Opportunities Collaborative. FICE started as a parent-led effort to bring more inclusion into our Catholic schools. We appreciate all of their work! Pictures from the banquet below.

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